Innovative security solutions for modern datacentres

Troye offers an innovative security solution for the modern datacentre by combining the benefits of Citrix SD-WAN and ZScaler Cloud Security.

The company launched a holistic solution combining both of these world-class solutions to provide cost effective and highly available WAN, securing branch Internet traffic, enabling compliance with corporate content and access policies.

Complete with internet user activity monitoring, the bandwidth control feature protects key applications and limits recreational applications by location or time of day which is managed globally from a single management console. With the Zscaler security solution being cloud-based, one no longer needs to add additional security appliances to the network.

Troye technical director Kurt Goodall says the ideal solution to enforce security without adding cost, complexity, or latency is to route all branch Internet traffic from the Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN appliance to the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform.

The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform acts as a series of security check posts in more than 100 data centres around the world. By simply redirecting Internet traffic to Zscaler, one can instantly secure stores, branches, and remote locations.

Zscaler connects users and the internet, inspecting every byte of traffic, even if it is encrypted or compressed. But customers still grapple with expensive Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) links to backhaul branch traffic to the corporate data centre in order to filter traffic through security appliances, to detect malware and enforce policies.

An alternative to backhauling is to add security appliances at the branch. However, the cost and complexity increases as one installs multiple appliances to maintain consistent policies across the sites. With a large number of branch offices, cost management becomes impractical.

Such backhauling over private MPLS links is expensive, results in significant latency, and creates poor user experience at the branch site. Thus the demand for direct Internet breakout capabilities has become prevalent.

The NetScaler SD-WAN device simply forwards the Internet and cloud application traffic to the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform. The combined solution gives IT teams peace of mind knowing that they are protecting data, applications, and users in remote and branch offices. And it gives them the tools they need to prioritise business-related Internet traffic over recreational traffic.

Citrix’s NetScaler SD-WAN enables a scalable, reliable, and cloud-ready software defined WAN with packet-level, real-time path selection, firewalling, routing, and application analytics whether accessing SaaS applications, virtualised desktops, or traditional data centres. It ensures an always-on, high-quality experience and a simpler, more agile branch network.

As the need for bandwidth increases in branch offices, enterprises have had tough choices, with each option presenting trade-offs in performance, cost, and security. SD-WAN is simplifying the choice, with significant cost savings and the kind of performance users will appreciate.

Zscaler puts the enterprise security stack in the cloud, arming each branch with a secure web gateway, cloud firewall, cloud sandbox, and other security protections. Together, Zscaler and SD-WAN provide branch and remote users with performance and security that are both first-class.