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Empower remote employees to stay productive—without compromising security

Get adaptive, zero trust security with one simple access point for apps and resources

Citrix Gateway

Zero Trust Network Access

Reduce the cost of ownership and enhance security while providing a consistent and better user experience. With adaptive security measures that provide access based on user role, location and device state.

One simple access point for apps and resources

Citrix Gateway provides unified access to web apps, and enterprise apps from any device and Citrix Virtual Desktop infrastructure.  It provides rich authentication and device posture check capabilities, ensuring secure access to corporate networks.

Delivering exceptional client service with Citrix

Citrix Gateway can be deployed on-premises or in any public-cloud environment, encrypting all communications where external access is required to internal resources; also enabling granular access control.

Citrix Secure Internet Access

Protect your digital workspace with cloud-delivered security. From transitioning to the cloud to managing an increasingly distributed workforce, it’s more important than ever to secure users, apps and data—without compromising the employee experience. With Citrix Secure Internet Access, you get a full cloud-delivered security stack with global reach. So you can protect all users, in any location, for every application—without the complexities and expense of data centre-based security.


Unified Management

Configure policies for security and SD-WAN, and leverage intelligent bandwidth control with real-time reporting in a single, cloud-managed interface.

Secure Remote Workers

Protect users from all threats, and secure access to both sanctioned and unsanctioned applications.

Maintain Compliance

Cloud architecture that segregates your data based on customers and locations to ensure privacy without compromise.

Citrix Web App and API Protection

Your web apps and APIs are essential—and vulnerable. To keep them secure, Citrix now offers proven, comprehensive web application and API protection as a cloud service. Citrix Web App and API Protection service offers holistic, proven, and layered protection against known and zero-day application attacks. The cloud-based service keeps all application types secure across multi-cloud with a web app firewall, bot management, and DDoS protection. So you can maintain a consistent security posture.

Citrix Analytics for Security

Gain the visibility you need from security analytics to protect your digital workspace. Proactively detect and resolve security threats with real-time security analytics.

To guard sensitive data, you need to keep assets and employees secure in real time. Citrix Analytics for Security gives you proactive security protection without complicating your employee experience.


Protect your workforce with simple, powerful access security. DUO’s modern access security is designed to safeguard all users, devices, and applications — so you can stay focused on what you do best.


Duo is built on the promise of doing the right thing for our customers and each other. This promise is as central to our business as the product itself. Our four guiding principles are the heart of this sensibility: Easy, Effective, Trustworthy, Enduring.

Duo provides secure access to any application with a broad range of capabilities:

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Verify the identities of all users with MFA

Remote Access

Provide secure access to VPNs and servers


TrustEnsure all devices meet security standards

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Provide secure access to any app from a single dashboard

Adaptive Access Policies

Block or grant access based on users' role, location, and more