Secure Access Transformed

Threats are multiplying. Users are changing. What are you doing?

Attackers are finding ways to compromise users’ credentials every day. RSA SecurID Suite delivers the identity and access assurance you need to thwart them at every turn—while delivering an absolutely seamless access experience for your users.

RSA SecurID Suite goes beyond traditional identity and access management, using identity insights, threat intelligence and business context to provide secure access to all users, across all of your applications, from the ground to the cloud. It brings together multi-factor authentication, risk-based access management, identity governance and user lifecycle management in one powerful suite of solutions.

What Is Identity and Access Management?

Identity and access management systems safeguard critical applications and other resources by providing assurance that the people seeking access to them really are who they claim to be (identity management) and that they’re authorized to use specific resources (access management). In an era when applications are as likely to be in the cloud as on premises, and users are as eager to access them from mobile devices as desktops, successful identity and access management demands more than passwords. It requires analytics-driven insights into identities, a keen awareness of cyber threats, and business context to prioritize identity risks and protect assets accordingly.

The RSA SecurID Suite:

  • Enables business-driven identity and access management (IAM) with integrated identity access, governance and lifecycle solutions.
  • Makes IAM easy by giving users seamless, friction-less access to applications and conveniently connects them to the applications most necessary to get their jobs done from anywhere, any device. And, RSA offers flexible, scalable, and secure IAM solutions that are easy to deploy and manage—whether on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid model.
  • Extends access protection to traditional, web, mobile and SaaS applications, enhancing the value of your current security technology investments.
  • Helps ensure you address regulatory and industry data protection requirements and effectively meet compliance demands by automating identity lifecycle processes and ongoing governance efforts.