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Provide A Better Employee Experience

Provide A Better Employee Experience

Companies that focus on operational efficiency while investing in the future, report ten percent higher growth than their competitors. Successful businesses regard IT as a strategic competitive differentiator for both customers and talent. It is also the key to building and executing a memorable employee experience, but it requires improved visibility and streamlined execution of projects. IT can reimagine and redefine what work means for the future of any organisation. Through streamlined IT operations, modernised IT procurement and vendor management, more flexible workplaces, and increased agility, Wrike and Citrix Workspace can help IT meet business demands faster and bridge physical and digital worlds for a better, more efficient employee experience.

Streamline IT operations

Citrix Workspace and Wrike are critical assets in helping organisations modernise IT operations. Wrike provides a central environment for IT organisations to manage enhancement requests, address bug fixes, and improve incident response. Citrix Workspace enables communication to employees about incidents and application maintenance windows and provides a platform for employees to report issues and IT managers to triage escalations. When an issue escalates, Wrike gives IT a collaborative environment for the team to resolve the issue, with templates available to support responses to specific incident types, ensuring faster, more effective resolutions. On the back end of the incident resolution, IT can standardise the incident resolution documentation to improve compliance and knowledge building. Business intelligence capabilities provide the insights needed for management to identify trends and improve operations.

Wrike unifies ITIL-based service management, project management, cross-team collaboration, and automation within a single solution with powerful work visualisation capabilities, effective resource allocation, approval workflow and escalation paths, templates with predefined data points to report on SLAs and KPIs, and dashboards and analytics. A single location to manage all communications related to incidents, planned changes, and service requests real-time reports, dashboards, and analytics to monitor operations and take early remedial measures to minimise risk. Citrix Workspace acts as the employee-facing digital hub for accessing content, applications, and company workflows. Employees have all they need to succeed in one place and can quickly perform an action from Citrix Workspace, alerting IT of an issue or need. This saves time and eliminates frustration, making it easy to capture issues and share updates in a unified space. There’s no need to toggle among different applications or dig through email.

Modernise processes

To take advantage of new business opportunities, companies must adapt and on-board new talent, as well as expand their network to new vendors. Through its integration with Upwork, Citrix Workspace can help organisations find and on-board new talent quickly and help fuel a superior employee experience. This provides independent professionals and agencies the freedom to securely access their work⁠ — from anywhere, on any device — in a way that delivers peace of mind and successful outcomes for everyone. Adding Wrike to the mix can help organisations scale and streamline their contingent workforce on-boarding process by providing structured checklists to support incorporating new workers.

Similar structured checklists can be used to improve business units’ collaboration with their procurement departments, streamlining the vendor background, compliance, and security check processes. Finally, Citrix Workspace’s e-signature capabilities can help customers streamline document-centric workflow for NDAs and business agreements involved in working with new vendors. Native integrations of procurement systems like SAP Ariba in Citrix Workspace enables companies to streamline approvals with extended stakeholders in the business.

Bridging the digital and physical worlds

As companies look to move to flexible work, they have an opportunity to rethink how to bridge their digital and physical worlds. Citrix Workspace helps companies rapidly adapt their processes to deliver a health self-certification micro-app for employees. As companies get ready to return to the office, they can integrate Citrix Workspace with office management solutions like HPE, enabling them to comply with social distancing policies, book flex offices to support social distancing and more. Wrike can enable facilities teams to manage projects to modernize their offices and help their companies meet the needs of employees quicker.

Meet Business Demands Faster

Agility and speed are essential ingredients for companies to rapidly innovate and adapt. By providing the right technology platform, IT can become an enabler for the business. Together, Citrix Workspace and Wrike provide a unique platform for managing all aspects of work. With Citrix Workspace, both business and IT are enabled to build applications and integrations that can streamline business processes. With Wrike, IT organisations are better equipped to manage their strategic processes, resources, budgeting, and project risks and can organise and manage requests into projects or portfolios; visualise workload and project resource planning; run strategic projects, operations and sprints; and compare projects and portfolios.

Collaborate freely

Integrate with popular IT solutions like ServiceNow and Jira to increase visibility into technical deliverables Wrike and Citrix Workspace together provide a unique platform to accelerate the digital transformation of IT and enable better cross-departmental collaboration, while standardising key IT workflows. Wrike and Citrix can help IT meet business demands faster and bridge physical and digital worlds for a better, more efficient experience across all areas of the business. With Citrix Workspace, organisations can unify workflows across all apps and provide consolidated, secure, and reliable access to all the resources employees need to perform at their best.