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Moving Away From Physical Offices To Desktops As A Service(DaaS)

Moving Away From Physical Offices To Desktops As A Service(DaaS)

Desktops as a Service (DaaS) is fast becoming the preferred option for many businesses as they move away from physical office spaces to remote working environments. Business leaders are now also re-evaluating ways to enhance security and employee experience for their workforce. Many businesses are adopting long-term solutions to empower employees with new flexible work policies. As a result, we see an increasing need to scale up quickly while providing a secure, productive environment to meet long-term demands for flexibility. This is where DaaS brings value to IT. Many industries have long been interested in adopting a simplified desktop management solution that delivers access to virtual apps and desktops to any device securely from anywhere; but often complexity and capital investment have kept companies from moving forward with full implementation.

Citrix’s DaaS solutions provide a simple virtual apps and desktop experience that can be delivered on demand. With Citrix providing the management of infrastructure as well as updates, patching, and resources to host the workloads, our customers find it easy to deploy apps and desktops globally. In addition, with DaaS, cloud infrastructure enables customers to pay for services on a consumption basis — paying as they use the service, instead of investing capital spending on servers, networking, and storage.

Citrix provides virtual desktops on any mobile device or operating system to give staff the flexibility to be productive from anywhere. Its DaaS can be delivered on demand and is adaptive to the needs of various employee groups. More importantly, the pay-as-you-go model makes it a cost-effective solution for any size company.


With the ability to deliver Windows and Linux apps and desktops quickly to any device around the world, one can deliver the targeted set of applications to each employee depending on their needs. Citrix makes it easy to scale up apps and desktops to meet user demand and can be scaled down easily when no longer needed. Citrix provides ready-to-go templates for operating system images with the latest updates, making it easy to deploy workloads on demand. The Citrix management plane also makes it easy to customize those templates, or even import your own images as needed.


Only Citrix offers enhanced security that virtualisation brings with having one’s data safely stored in the cloud and not on the device and can also set advanced security policies like restricting screen captures, USB storage access, and copy/paste to meet strict guideline requirements to protect company data. Citrix also supports your preferred identity providers including Okta, Google, Azure Active Directory, and more to help prevent unauthorised access.

User Experience

Citrix offers unique HDX high-definition protocol, which gives users a great experience no matter which device they are using to connect. With HDX, Citrix can deliver a high performing interactive experience with optimisations for low-bandwidth or high-latency connections. This allows audio calls to sound clear and videos to play seamlessly and gives users the productive environment they need to get their work done. Citrix provides an optimised Microsoft Teams experience on Windows, Linux or Mac OS and also supports other communication solutions such as Zoom, Cisco WebEx, and Slack with a great experience every time.

Embrace the Cloud of Choice

Citrix DaaS integrates with all the major public cloud vendors, giving customers the most flexibility and versatility. As technology has evolved from server-based computing (SBC) to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to desktops as a service (DaaS), Citrix has partnered with its customers to prioritise their feedback, listen to their guidance, and deliver high-performance cloud services designed to meet their business needs.