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Digital Workspace


Benefits Of A Citrix Digital Workspace

A Better Employee Experience

Research suggests that the more engaged employees are in their work, the more likely they are to be productive, self-starting, and innovative.  It’s no wonder that 85% of workers feel disengaged due to the out-dated complex systems and applications that are being used in certain organisations today.


A digital workspace solution can help you transform the employee experience by enabling a simpler and more flexible work style that attracts and retains the kind of talent you need to move the business forward.

Enhanced security and data breach protection

Both business and IT leaders alike want to allow employees to access what they need from anywhere work needs to get done, whether that’s on the road, at a client site, or at home. But with employees conducting as much as 60% of their work away from desks, the potential for compromised accounts is everywhere.


A digital workspace improves security by giving IT a complete view into network traffic, users, files, and endpoints, making it easier than ever to stay ahead of both internal and external threats.

Any technology your organization needs

A digital workspace makes it easy for organisations to embrace new technologies and the cloud without worrying about security or a compromised user experience.


A digital workspace offers one place for people to access any app, whether SaaS, web, mobile or virtual. And IT can manage it all in one unified console on the back end. Advanced security controls for SaaS and web apps mean IT can let people use the apps they know and love but in a controlled environment.