Citrix Delivery Center

Centralized simplicity

Citrix Delivery Center simplifies IT operations by centrally managing a single image of all applications, desktops and servers, which lowers costs up to 50 percent.

Single instance application management

Applications are stored, maintained and updated once in the datacenter and delivered on-demand to users. This simplifies management, avoids application conflicts and makes it easy to provide real-time application updates.

Single instance desktop management

Maintaining a single master desktop image in the datacenter provides users with an up-to-date, pristine desktop at each logon, drastically reduces patch and upgrade maintenance efforts, and cuts storage costs of hosted virtual desktops by up to 90 percent. Use the single image to provision virtual desktops hosted in the datacenter, or stream the desktop to the endpoint to leverage the local processing power.

Single server workload image management

A single server workload image, managed in the datacenter, is delivered to all physical and virtual servers, reducing management complexity and minimizing the use of storage.

Citrix XenDesktop

Deliver virtual Windows desktops from the data centre more securely, more reliably and at a lower cost using Citrix XenDesktop. With a Citrix XenDesktop solution, desktops are centrally hosted and managed in the data centre and virtually delivered to end users.


Citrix XenApp (formerly Citrix Presentation Server) provides the benefits of centralised management, universal access, exceptional performance and improved security for all business-critical applications and data. Application delivery is made possible of virtually any application, across any type of connection, to almost any type of device. Management of remote users via WAN or dial-in connectivity is performed from a central location.

Application installations, updates and additions can be made once – on the server – and then be instantly available to all users. Citrix’s Application Delivery solutions facilitate a standardised environment for management and delivery of all information resources, which is necessary for the move to Service-Orientated computing Architecture.