About Troye - Secure Digital Workspace Specialists
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About Troye


Troye builds Secure Digital Workspaces – using any device, from anywhere, on any network – for an improved user experience enabling access to all your apps, desktops, files and services for a simple unified platform whilst managing complexity better.


We provide a complete range of digital workspace solutions that empower people to do their very best work in a safe and secure manner anywhere, anytime, using any device, allowing organisations to gain the agility, speed and efficiency required to position their business for future success.

Troye focuses on what it takes to thrive – rather than merely survive – preparing your business for exponentially changing times. We help you adopt sustainable strategies as opposed to reactive measures providing for:

Info Security

Next generation adaptive security solutions


No matter where you work or which device you use


Meet the ever-changing needs of your business

Any app, anywhere

Grow employee engagement and productivity


Truly move the business forward

See Troye’s Secure Digital Workspace

What was once a mobile-access strategy that was temporary and occasional needs to become a work-from-anywhere strategy that is permanent and meets any scenario. We help you stay productive no matter what, facilitating the best user experience anywhere. Troye is a black empowered IT solution and managed services provider. We deliver successful digital transformation through innovative process optimisation, modern IT platform delivery and talented, knowledgeable people with a focus on security and service excellence.


We invest heavily in our customers and ensure a clear understanding of their business and technology requirements, enabling them to focus on their core business activities with the assurance that their investment in technology is safeguarded.

We focus on minimising both cost and risk, maximising return on investment, driving innovation and safeguarding our customer’s business for the future. Troye provides the highest level of expertise within the Citrix community. Troye has extensive Citrix skills, if not the best in country, with many projects successfully completed locally as well as globally. Since 1998, our engineers have been predominantly involved in solution design and architecture, providing implementation services and advanced troubleshooting services.


Our customers are our first priority and perfection is the key to our success. We provide an experience our customers can count on – including service excellence. Troye provides the ability to transform, manage and optimise IT systems through Digital Workspace and Virtualisations solutions, extending the datacentre beyond the limitations of physical infrastructure to a virtual environment. This includes Server, Desktop, Application and Network Virtualisation (SD-WAN) – our primary focus since inception.


We provide the foundation to deliver and manage applications anywhere, with the fastest performance, highest security, lowest total cost of ownership and best user experience, providing our customers with a decisive competitive advantage. Troye’s philosophy is to provide service excellence with the intent to exceed customers’ expectations. Included in this philosophy is the assurance of sound business principles, provided with honesty and integrity, ensuring we understand our customer’s needs and commit to deadlines and deliverables. Services are provided according to best practices whilst considering cost efficiencies for customers at all times.


Many of our customers have been with us for countless years, due to our pronounced ability to execute, and because we provide a high level of skills and customer service excellence. It is pertinent to recognise that and Citrix skills are unlike other more widely deployed solutions and experience is a fundamental requirement as opposed to mere certifications or accreditation. Services are provided on a national and global basis including the DRC, Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland as well as Germany, France, Hong Kong. Our skillset is not limited to Citrix, it encompasses all the technologies necessary from the end-point device all the way through to the data centre, from a range of desktop appliances to info-security and software defined networking, a holistic approach for an end-to-end strategic digital workspace solution.


We listen to what our customers need as opposed to giving them what we want.

Our Core Focus

Troye is a Citrix Platinum Plus Solution Advisor, the highest partnership level with Citrix and is reserved for partners that have expertise in all Citrix technologies. We provide services according to Citrix best practices and proven methodologies. Obtaining this partnership level includes achieving specialisation in both Citrix Digital Workspace and Networking technology.

Whilst providing specialised Citrix services, we have come to realise that those who implement Citrix solutions don’t always have the skillset to troubleshoot issues outside the Citrix environment. This is one of our key strengths and this is where we add tremendous value. We have strong mobility, networking and storage skills and experience.

Anywhere Workspace

Citrix Workspace is a complete digital workspace solution that delivers secure access to the information, apps, and other content that is relevant to a person’s role in an organisation. Users subscribe to the services you make available and can access them from anywhere, on any device.

Citrix Workspace helps you organise and automate the most important details that your users need to collaborate, make better decisions, and focus on their work. IT maintains complete control over applications, policies, and users whilst delivering the best user experience on any device.

Gain the flexibility you need with the most comprehensive desktop as a service (DaaS) and VDI options available on the market today. Your workforce is changing. Employee needs are evolving. Provide a better way to work with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Meet the ever-changing needs of your workforce with ease. You choose the deployment that works best for your business—as a cloud service, on-premise or hybrid model. Employees get the same secure, high-definition experience across operating systems and networks.

And with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, leverage your preferred cloud provider—Microsoft, AWS or Google—to migrate workloads and on-board new users at the pace that works best for your business. The service allows you to manage on-premise data centre and public cloud workloads together in a hybrid deployment. You can connect to public clouds Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud, plus on-premise hypervisors such as Citrix Hypervisor, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, and VMware vSphere. The hybrid, multi-cloud approach gives you the flexibility to deploy different applications in different resource locations worldwide.


Multi-cloud is a strategy where an organisation leverages two or more cloud computing platforms to perform various tasks. Organisations that do not want to depend on a single cloud provider may choose to use resources from several providers to get the best benefits from each unique service. Citrix has redefined its ADC as the most advanced application infrastructure platform to manage applications in a multi-cloud environment.


Assess, detect, and prevent risks in real time. Secure your data and users with built-in machine learning. Protect your users, apps, and data with end-to-end contextual access. Gain the visibility you need from security analytics to protect your digital workspace. Proactively detect and resolve security threats with real-time security analytics.


To guard sensitive data, you need to keep assets and employees secure in real time. Citrix Analytics for Security gives you proactive security protection without complicating your employee experience. Citrix Analytics for Security protects your workspace.


Prevent loss of intellectual property and secure your employees, IT environment, and content with analytics intelligence. Detect and stop security breaches – pinpoint threats to your data with proactive visibility across your organisation.


Deliver the always-on network your users need. Work at your best with a secure, reliable SD-WAN solution. Your digital transformation depends on how well your virtual, cloud, and SaaS apps perform – across the enterprise and in branch locations.


It’s time for a secure, high performance, always-available WAN Edge solution that provides exceptional experience and seamless business continuity. Boost productivity with a purpose-built, application-optimized network – optimise delivery of your virtual, cloud, and SaaS applications on a secure, flexible WAN.


Citrix SD-WAN will transform your business. Ensure consistent experience on a network that won’t let you down. Drive productivity with an always-on network. Protect resources at the WAN Edge by taking a comprehensive security approach that supports zero trust – without sacrificing performance. Simplify your cloud transition with automated on-ramps and deliver unmatched performance with a cloud-ready network.

Application Availability

Organisations of all sizes are turning to desktop as a service deployments, for good reason. The remote workforce is growing at a rapid rate,  hence companies are seeking new ways to both simplify IT and improve business agility. It imperative to have the right solutions in place to provide users with an exceptional experience no matter where they work or which devices they use even when videoconferencing or using graphics-intensive apps. By delivering apps and desktops from a proven provider, you can give your users a secure way to work from anywhere. Roll out fully managed apps and desktops in minutes, set granular security policies, monitor activity and rapidly provision updates to all users instantaneously.


Display optimisations make for superior image quality with minimal bandwidth consumption when videoconferencing or using graphics-intensive apps, making the solution ideal for full-screen motion. Citrix minimises latency for jitter-free audio quality whilst pioneering the use of graphics processors (GPUs). Citrix delivers optimisation for desktop-based Microsoft Teams – voice, video, and intensive graphics apps all stay crystal clear and pixel perfect.